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The refrigeration industry is currently in an unprecedented upheaval. Not least because of the F-gas regulation, major changes are taking place, particularly in the range of refrigerants. Whether a substance can be used as a refrigerant depends primarily on its GWP value and, if the value is too high, is prevented by the F-gas regulation explained.

As a future-oriented wholesaler, we have set ourselves the task of creating a product portfolio for you with which you not only meet all requirements in full, but are also a big step ahead of the current market offer. For this purpose, we offer our Green series in the area of ​​chillers, which includes the ideal solution for you depending on the area of ​​application.

In order to allow maximum flexibility when using the chiller, the double cooling product range also includes a conventional series. This contains the refrigerants, which have excellent thermodynamic properties and are not subject to the prohibition of use provided the specifications are complied with. Our range includes condensing units that are easy to assemble for quick and easy assembly. Frequently used in the field of commercial and industrial cooling, these products convince primarily through their low maintenance requirements and their comfortable operating behavior. In addition to the cooling function, our heat pumps also cover your heating needs. Compared to conventional heating systems, which are mostly based on fossil fuels, with a heat pump you mainly use the free thermal energy of your surroundings. Use the eligible cooling and heating technology of tomorrow and reduce energy costs, space requirements and maintenance costs.

Do you only need the compressor unit in the form of a compound system? Then you've come to the right place. Since the compressor accounts for by far the largest share of the electricity costs of a system, when choosing this component you are making a trend-setting decision in the area of ​​long-term energy consumption.

Our chillers, in particular, are not series productions, but rather specially manufactured quality goods. This means that you receive a system that is perfectly tailored to you. Benefit from the latest technology, maximum energy efficiency and top quality at fair market prices and get a strong partner by your side.

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